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Weaver Commercial Contractor always begins with understanding your vision.

Foundations Built on Relationships

Ownership at WCC and BGW (partner architect) along with many of our employees pursue and enjoy vibrant relationships with God. This connection is the foundation upon which we build our business. We enter into long-term relationships with growing ministries to work alongside them as their needs change. Our approach is to address every project as if we were designing & building our own church. We have discovered that when we put Christ in the center of our relationships and work together as partners in ministry, His Kingdom is best represented, and lives are changed.






Our Mission & Vision

BGW's mission is to further God's Kingdom by translating the God-given plans for Christian organizations through innovative, stewardship-driven designs resulting in high quality, cost-effective buildings that become dynamic tools for ministry.

As we work to accomplish this mission, we seek to honor God by impacting the lives of our clients, our employees, and the communities in which we work. We believe that God owns this business and we are simply His stewards for a season. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all we do in and through the business honors Him.





Our Process

Building God’s Way has developed a unique 6 step approach to the traditional methodology regarding Design/Build and Design/Bid/Build. Our process integrates biblical principles through Relationship, Stewardship, and Outreach. Over the last twenty years, we have used this process with over 800 ministries nationwide. Many times we are the second, third and sometimes fourth design firm contacted by ministries in desperate need of help with designing and constructing a facility within their budget and that meets the needs of their ministry.

STEP 1 of 6: Ministry Consultation

Our first step gives your leadership team a look at our overall process. We meet with your leadership and walk them through our process. Helping your team understand who we are and what we bring to your ministry is key. Your team will decide if our process resonates with your ministry, your vision, mission and culture of your ministry.

Built God's Way

Since its inception, BGW has been doing things differently than the average architecture firm.

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