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Food Processing

Quality design for quality control

WCC's construction professionals begin with a careful evaluation of our clients current & future food processing needs.

We’ve specialized in the most highly automated and hygienic food processing systems for over 25 years.

We understand in-depth, all aspects of use before any design efforts begin. Our goal is to:

-Know the automated system, the machinery, and processes, in order to optimize square footage and ergonomics.

-Know specific requirements for certifications such as FDA and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

-Know the most formidable demands and the most challenging limitations. WCC specializes in finding superior approaches for factors such as cooler and freezer seals; insulated panel systems; finishes that withstand water and chemicals; management of product waste materials; and the need for galvanized or stainless steel materials to guard against corrosion.

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building productivity

The facilities we build are designed to serve that purpose.

To ensure you get what you need for optimal productivity, all decisions are made together. WCC understands that productivity is so much more than throughput and efficiency. Together, we establish a complete view of each vital consideration; Capacity and yield, including peak demand; process flexibility and uptime maximization; human factors such as safety, well-being, and hygiene; and regulatory issues.

WCC design and builds new facilities and additions for all types of food processing. We concentrate on addressing your company's most vital operational needs from design and planning through construction. Our team focus establishes a clear path forward towards your desired outcome and a win-win scenario for all.

That intense concentration uncovers the needs and what’s behind them. This discovery happens together with the owner or facility manager as a prelude to planning.




We ask a lot of questions.

It starts with you...and it ends with your vision coming alive.

1 of 4 Responsiveness

You get a commitment of 100% responsiveness. If you have a question or concern, we address that immediately. 

Product Planning Mix

Get the best value and superior productivity with WCC.

The WCC design|build solution provides you with the best control over the direction or the project and does so within its budgetary scope. We employ constant feedback and purposeful communications to help keep everything in line with your expectations, all along the way.

We consider all aspects of the facility’s use and explore potential cost-saving alternatives to find the most value for you.  And, we take the time to listen to what matters most.

WCC - the clear choice for food processing

What Others are Saying

"It is with pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Weaver Commercial Contractor. Gerber Farm Division has worked with WCC for many years with new construction and modernization projects and has been very successful from Gerber's point of view. They provided solutions to assist in cost savings, utilize quality sub-contractors and develop/maintain schedules to accommodate staff and reach our company goals. They have completed all necessary requirements as needed for city accordance and submittal requirements. Gerber Farm Division is very fortunate for the relationship we share with Weaver Commercial Contractor."

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