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WCC design/build for retail always starts with your needs.

The planning makes the project

Weaver Commercial Contractor (WCC) works closely with you to establish what you need for today and for the future, looking toward growth with you. Successful retail design, construction and buildout require a deft balance between the practical (profitability and sales per square foot) with the experiential (so people stay longer when they visit and return regularly).

From “ground-up” retail construction to renovation to store expansion, whether standalone space or a multi-tenant development, we explore all aspects of the facility’s use, as well as your aspirations. We’ll find what’s most suitable for you, with particular attention to the value you’ll receive. And we’re good at listening.


WCC offers experiences for all sizes and types of retail projects

For nearly 20 years, we’ve specialized in regional, small-to-medium outlot retail spaces, most often for independent companies. Our areas of expertise and capabilities in the retail market include:  Shopping centers, Restaurants/hospitality, Mixed-use facilities, Interior fit-outs, Renovations and expansions, Tenant coordination, Furniture, accessories procurement, and installations.


We can help you revitalize while avoiding operational disruption

While there is a movement away from traditional expansion in favor of revitalization, WCC collaborates with you to advance your enhancements. Upgrades can present challenges we can ease, from help with regulatory issues such as strict energy codes or tear-down restraint to identifying hardships that can result in tax abatements. For renovation projects, we take measures that will both benefit owners and their customers:

Sensible phasing plans that progress renovations logically, Pedestrian walkways that keep patrons on a safe pathway, Tunnels through construction zones Work hours that minimize disruption to store operations, Sustainable design solutions that save retailers long-term maintenance and energy costs, Space planning that maximizes displays, Lighting that enhances merchandise presentation

In addition, we offer a consultative service to walk through a site with you to identify any potential issues before you purchase the building.


We’re ready for the next generation of retail, augmenting historical space and creating experiences

Today’s retailers know that the competitive landscape has changed quickly and drastically. WCC can help you meet the latest trends with affordability and efficiency.

Building around historical structures or within a historic context appeals to customers who increasingly crave authenticity and respect for local heritage. We’ll navigate relevant requirements and codes dealing with such structures, as well as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, all while ensuring that your design honors tradition without being stuck in the past. Shopping and dining experiences must now be “special,” engaging customers today to bring them back tomorrow. Together, we’ll view your space beyond displaying the maximum amount of product or seating, instead creating a comfortable and involving experience. Ways we can do this include adding amenities to make your retail space a destination that’s relaxed and welcoming; sourcing materials and furnishings from the community; and educating shoppers about product origins and seasonal offerings. 

It starts with you … and it ends with your vision come to life.


We ask a lot of questions

You and your business are the focus, because communication is the key to the most successful projects. When we understand what you’re thinking, we not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

1 of 4 Responsiveness

You get a commitment of 100% responsiveness. If you have a question or concern, we address that immediately.


As retailing becomes increasingly competitive, we must address a project’s duration up front, while proactively facilitating progress. The more we work together to systematically plan ahead and organize processes to build in flexibility, the more we can save on the project in the end.

To ensure you get what you need for project efficiency, all decisions are made together and communication is constant. We aim to learn as much as possible about what you’ll do and how you’ll do it, from the first moment throughout the process — from design and planning into construction.

That intense concentration uncovers the needs and what’s behind them, and this discovery happens together with the owner or retail management representatives. 



The WCC design/build solution provides you with the best control over the direction of the project and does so within its budgetary scope. We employ constant feedback and purposeful communications to help keep everything in line with your expectations, all along the way.

Our ultimate aim is to give you the best value for your investment. We’ll do everything we can to make our project together, the most positive experience possible.

WCC - the clear choice for retail

What Others Are Saying About WCC

"I am a project architect at SōL Harris/Day Architecture. Over the past year, I have worked with Weaver Commercial Contractor to complete the renovated food court and security checkpoint screening project at the Akron-Canton Airport. The overall project scope was 2.3 million dollars,  with Weaver Commercial Contractor’s contract being approximately 1.5 million. This project was unique in several ways including a phased construction schedule to accommodate the airport and restaurants staying in full commission throughout the duration of the project and heavy security restrictions due to the nature of the checkpoint screening space. Weaver Commercial handled these constraints well and was complimented repeatedly by the Owner for their level of communication throughout the project. Since the project’s completion, I have recommended Weaver Commercial Contractor to other Owners when seeking a local, reputable firm to bid work and will continue to do so."

Amanda M. Lee, AIA, Project Architect | SōL Harris/Day Architecture

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