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Marlboro Manufacturing

  • Leader in the hinge industry with both domestic and international sales.
Alliance, OH
Project Type: 

Product Details - Under Construction

Marlboro Manufacturing - Alliance, OH

4,920 SF New Construction

  • Lobby 
  • Purchasing & Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Engineering
  • Conference Room
  • Sales Floor
  • Kitchenette

"How glad I am to have chosen Weaver Commercial Contractor (WCC) for the construction of our new office addition. Every step of the way has been handled with the highest level of professionalism. The communication has been great. The tradespeople involved are highly skilled and very efficient in how they approach things. Project managers and site supervisors have always been at the ready to address concerns and work towards on-time delivery. During the process, everyone made decisions that kept forward progress in motion. Weaver Commercial Contractor has left me extremely satisfied, and I highly recommend them for your project needs."

Patrick A. Whitaker, Executive Vice President | Engineering, Marlboro Manufacturing Inc.