Professional Offices

Professional Office

Weaver Commercial Contractor (WCC) is devoted to your project.

The planning makes the project

Weaver Commercial Contractor (WCC) works closely with you to establish what you need for today and for the future, looking toward growth with you.

Collaborative planning and attention to detail – both during design and construction – giving owners what they want, while balancing budget with functional 


WCC emphasizes constructability, scheduling, and quality, as well as a thorough knowledge of code requirements for office building and flex space.

Our design|build approach helps:

-Reduce project durations, saving you time

-Manage budget, saving you money

-Create workable solutions, promoting productivity

-Give you a single point of responsibility, promoting communication

Together, we explore all aspects of the facility’s use, as well as your aspirations. We’ll find what’s most suitable for you, with particular attention to the value you’ll receive. And we’re good at listening.

We don’t consider it just a box to work in, but an environment for people to thrive in.

For 25 years, WCC has been designing and constructing professional office spaces and specializing in higher-end finishes from 2,500 to 10,000 square feet.


We aim to learn as much as possible about what you will do and how you will do it, from the first moment throughout the process – from design and planning into construction. That intense concentration uncovers the needs and what’s behind them, and this discovery happens together with the owner.


How many people will the tenant or owner have in the building? What will be the optimum ratio of open work areas to private office space to collaborative “bullpens” or “huddle rooms”?  Which technologies will be used? (Types and locations will determine where routers are placed and what materials should be employed). What kind of business environment will work best? (This can influence recommendations about different lighting in various areas, sound isolation between spaces or whether thermostats should be in every room.)

With answers to these and other questions, we understand goals to plan efficiencies.



We ask a lot of questions

It starts with you…and it ends with your vision come to life.


You get a commitment of 100% responsiveness. If you have a question or concern, we address that immediately.

Get the best value and superior productivity with WCC.

The WCC design|build solution provides you with the best control over the direction or the project and does so within its budgetary scope. We employ constant feedback and purposeful communications to help keep everything in line with your expectations, all along the way.

Our ultimate aim is to give you the best value for your investment. We’ll do everything we can to make our project together with an exceptional experience.