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Sustainable Solutions

Making Your Building Community Centric

Church facilities have traditionally been among the least utilized buildings in America, sitting empty throughout most of the week. We believe facilities are vastly under-utilized ministry tools that can help churches have a significantly greater impact for the Kingdom.

BGW Sustainable Solutions is working with ministries across the country to integrate financially sustainable models that can become a true catalyst for ministry growth and Kingdom impact. These models include Early Learning Centers (ELC), Event Centers, Hotels, Athletic Facilities, and Senior Housing Facilities. BGW can walk with you to evaluate specific community needs and determine how your ministry could address those needs through turn-key, investor-led business models.

LifeSpring Community Christian Church located in Harrison, OH will have the opportunity to interact with 215 families in the community by incorporating an Early Learning Center (ELC) within their facility. Sparrow Learning Center, a Christian ELC company, will manage and operate the center on behalf of LifeSpring and encourages church curriculum and participation. Their mutually beneficial agreement provides the church with relational and instructional opportunities, income to enhance ministry outreach, and invites community on to their campus.

Connect with Dave Hershey and discover how incorporating Sustainable Solutions in your ministry creates new opportunities to connect with families in your community.

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