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Site Evaluation & Planning

Reduce risk and increase confidence in your spreadsheets, proformas, and feasibility studies. Recognize most deal breakers from the start—before spending thousands on surveys, design engineers, phase 1s, geotech and environmental reports. Develop site plans based in reality, not “rules of thumb” and best guesses. Eliminate profit-destroying “surprises” that emerge after closing.


Build on a firm foundation with site evaluations from Weaver Commercial Contractor.

Site Investigation

Commercial construction projects involve a lot of moving parts. It’s easy to get lost in the building design, architectural features, finishes, and floorplans. After all, these features are what draw the most attention from prospective buyers. But when your attention is pulled in a thousand different directions, the site itself can fade to the background. 


Before you build, it is essential to confirm that the site is a suitable location for your project. Without site investigation and evaluation, you could run into many costly issues. If the foundation for your project isn’t right, it could compromise the entire project. This means more delays, more money spent, and potentially more safety hazards. 


That’s where Weaver commercial site contractors come in. We take the site investigation off your plate, so you can direct your attention elsewhere. As experts in home construction and site planning, we conduct thorough tests and evaluations to make sure the selected site is suitable.


What does that entail? Weaver will evaluate safety factors like groundwater quality, characterize the site’s checkpoints, and even develop a management strategy for the site. 

Site Planning 

When it comes to commercial constructions, it’s difficult to be too prepared. The last thing you want are dozens of surprises and setbacks getting in the way of forward motion with your project. But without thorough site planning, these setbacks are common—and more often than not, costly. 


Before breaking ground, make sure the site is sufficient. When you catch issues early, you can troubleshoot before they get out of hand, saving you time and money. 


Zoning & Regulation

State and local authorities play a role in commercial constructions through zoning laws and regulations. The government determines the zoning requirements of land, so it’s critical to be sure your intended use for the land is permitted. Weaver will find out whether your land is zoned for commercial, residential, or industrial use to be sure your project meets the requirements. 


Access to Utilities

Imagine getting partway into a construction project, only to discover that key utilities like clean water and electricity aren’t available. Typically, if there are other commercial buildings nearby, there will be utility lines readily available. But if you are the first to break ground, it’s possible you may have to pay for many or all of the utility line installations. This doesn’t have to be a deal breaker—but you certainly don’t want it to be a surprise!


Road & Transportation Access

Understanding the road and transportation access near your chosen build site allows you to maximize the site layout. Building plans are most efficient when they take into account a site’s natural contours and nearby manmade features. Work with them, rather than against them, for the most successful outcome. 


The More Planning, The Better

At Weaver Commercial Contractor, we conduct commercial site evaluations and create site plans as thoroughly as possible to minimize costly setbacks. This means accounting for a wide range of possibilities, and checking for problems before they occur. In addition to planning for zoning, utilities, and road access, we’ll ensure the property size is appropriate. We’ll also investigate environmental factors based on EPA standards, including soil composition, whether or not the property is in a flood zone, the existence of protected species in the area, and more. Everything we do, we do to make sure you don’t lose money making major adjustments down the line. Instead, we help you get ahead and make minor adjustments before ever breaking ground. 


WCC Construction

Work with an experienced commercial site contractor for specialized pre-construction planning and design. Weaver can help you select the best location for your next project and avoid expensive, frustrating setbacks with thorough planning. 


From the very first conversation, our contractors take the time to understand what you need from your facility. Then, we evaluate whether or not the property can support your needs. Through soil evaluations, permit applications, and excellent, timely communication, we support every step of your design-build plan. We work hard to make sure nothing is overlooked and everyone involved is on the same page for the smoothest possible building experience.


While it’s tempting to get moving on construction projects as soon as possible, time spent in the beginning always pays off in the end. Avoid going over budget and pushing back timelines due to unforeseen circumstances. When you work with Weaver, you can get it done right the first time. 


Contact the construction experts at Weaver Commercial Contractor to talk through the details of your next project. We can’t wait to see what you create!