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Pre-Construction Services

What makes a project successful? Careful planning.

Weaver Commercial Contractor’s pre-construction services help you plan, analyze, and establish needs for a construction project before breaking ground.

We dig deep into the details of plot location, building goals, financials, and more to help our clients understand what needs to happen for a project to be functional and financially viable.

WCC Construction’s commercial pre-construction experience enables a big picture perspective. We guarantee results and facilitate collaboration between clients, designers, and engineers during the earliest stages of a project to maximize efficiency.

Pre-construction services consist of information gathering as an important step to safeguard your construction project against setbacks. With Weaver’s experts by your side, pre-construction can help you stay within your budget and even save money. Our experience enables us to anticipate challenges and problems before they occur, helping you avoid costly mistakes that waste time and money.

The valuable information you gather during pre-construction allows you to better understand conditions, requirements, and costs before moving forward with final drawings and construction.

Commercial Pre-Construction Planning

Building Materials & System

Weaver breaks down building materials and systems piece by piece to make sure all required items are secured before you even begin construction.

We’ll can help you select and source materials that fit the budget and scope of your project. We’ll also create or review plans for building systems to make sure they meet building codes and requirements. During this time, we double check for utility availability, so you won’t face any surprises when it comes time to install your building systems.

Engineer Designs & Sustainable Elements

Engineering assessment for your project includes a close examination of the existing building conditions or land conditions. Our expert engineers will work with your designers and architects to ensure a sound structural plan.

Weaver will also assess your plans that address sustainability. The construction industry is always experiencing new technologies, methods, and changes in practice. At Weaver, it’s our priority to stay up to date on these rapidly changing technologies so we can pass the benefits on to you, our clients.

We can enhance your traditional building project with sustainability in mind. The conceptual design, schematic design, and construction development stages include pre-construction services including…

  • Analysis and implementation of sustainable alternatives
  • Life cycle cost analysis included with construction cost calculations
  • Early building commissioning planning and analysis

Budget & Schedule

Pre-construction services also include: preliminary construction budgets and schedules and roadmaps that can keep you on track during your project. Based on the schematic design and engineering assessment, as well as comparable spaces, we produce an estimated budget for your project. This gives you an idea of the cost of your project and helps you discuss financing with lenders.

Once we finalize decisions on scope together, we’ll produce a preliminary construction schedule. The schedule laid out during pre-construction will help you anticipate lead times and track the sequence of construction. And, of course, this early schedule will help you gain a rough estimate of when your project will be complete.

In-House Experts


Weaver's in-house foundation experts will give your construction project a strong start. Here’s how: The quality of the base layer of your commercial construction project has profound effects on its sustainability and durability. Our foundation experts make sure your foundation is sound from at the start – so you don’t find yourself backtracking to problem-solve months into construction.

Mechanical & Electrical Systems

Before construction even begins, our mechanical and electrical experts are here to help you make sure your systems are sound. We’ll assess and analyze your planned systems to anticipate challenges and make suggestions for alternative options. Avoid costly mistakes down the road when you work with our experts during pre-construction.

Purchasing & More

Consult with our purchasing experts to make your project run smoothly. We’ll work with you on lead times and purchasing schedules to make sure you’ll have what you need, when you need it. Minimize delays and backorders to stay on schedule and keep your construction project moving forward.

Weaver Commercial Construction

WCC Construction commercial construction services help you see the full picture and ensure your objectives will be met – from choosing a location to setting up a construction schedule, strong pre-construction activities set your project up for success.