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Design & Build

Weaver Commercial Contractor works with you from the beginning design phase through completion. We offer our customers a “design-build” approach, as opposed to the conventional bidding method which requires builders to bid on a design created by another party. By working with our customers to design AND build construction projects, you benefit from a single-source accountability.

Cutting out the middle man also enables us to use our industry-specific experience to your advantage by helping you maximize the functionality of your design and finding cost-saving alternatives. Our “design-build” approach also allows us to foresee potential concerns and make changes in the event that any obstacles are encountered, without adding additional delays to your project which would occur if you had to go back to a third-party to draw up a new design.

The Process

Our “design-build” approach is just one facet of our services. We also provide our customers with general contracting, site evaluation and planning, preconstruction services, budget consultation, and more value-added services. Ask about our vast commercial portfolio, or tell us about the goals of your organization and we’ll work with you to provide the construction solutions you need.

Weaver Commercial Contractor’s Commitment to Quality

Honesty and integrity are why we’re customer recommended. WCC stands behind the quality of our work and materials and follow-through on our commitments. We believe in thorough communication during every phase of construction. Our experienced team is dedicated to protecting your investment, keeping your project on budget, sticking to established timelines, and giving you peace of mind.

Read More About Our Other Services

WCC’s general contracting services bring decades of experience to your contraction project. Learn more about our general contractors and discover what makes us different.