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Construction Manager at Risk

CM at-risk is a cost effective and time conscious alternative to the traditional design-bid-build process.

Construction management at-risk is a process that allows the client of a project to choose the CM before the design stage is complete. The CM is chosen based on qualifications, and then the entire operation is centralized under a single contract. The architect and CM work together in order to cultivate and assay the design. Then, the CM gives the client a guaranteed maximum price, and coordinates all subcontract work. The A/E is hired separately from the CM at-risk and the traditional client – A/E relationship is maintained. The advantages to construction management at-risk over traditional methods of construction are:

• Increases the speed of the project and can also strengthen coordination between the architect/engineer and the construction manager.

• The client hires the construction manager based on qualifications, thus better ensuring a construction manager with a strong allegiance to the client, because their business relies on references and repeat work.

• Construction managers, architects/engineers, and the client all collaborate. This creates enhanced synergies throughout the process.

• Transparency is enhanced, because all costs and fees are in the open, which diminishes adversarial relationships between components working on the project, while at the same time eliminating bid shopping.