Fairlawn Mennonite Church

  • New Construction, Multiple Phases
    New Construction, Multiple Phases
  • Campus Aerial View
    Campus Aerial View
  • Duane Detwieler, Pastor
    Duane Detwieler, Pastor
  • Welcome Center, 3rd Place (Lobby)
    Welcome Center, 3rd Place (Lobby)
  • Sanctuary
  • Children's Wing
    Children's Wing
  • Gymnasium
  • Teen Center
    Teen Center
  • Teen Activity Area Overlooking Gymnasium
    Teen Activity Center Overlooking Gymnasium
  • Men's & Women's Locker Rooms
    Men's & Women's Locker Rooms
  • Serving Area Adjacent to Kitchen & Gymnasium
    Serving Area Adjacent to Kitchen & Gymnasium
  • Commercial Kitchen
    Commercial Kitchen
  • Ground-Breaking Celebration
    Ground-Breaking Celebration
  • Ground-Breaking
Apple Creek, OH
Project Type: 
Church | Ministry

Project Details

Fairlawn Mennonite Church - Apple Creek, OH

54,980 SF New Construction - Multiple Phases

  • Large Multi-Use 3rd Place (lobby)
  • Cafe' with Large Seating Area
  • Children's Wing Featuring Multi-Use Rooms
  • Administrative Wing
  • Centralized Sanctuary
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • High School Size Gymnasium - Basketball & Volleyball
  • Mens & Womens Locker Rooms
  • Teen Room with Activity Center Overlooking Gymnasium