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Cold Formed Metal Framing

Steel Framing, also, known as Cold Formed Steel Framing (CFS) is sheet steel that is roll formed into framing products such as C shapes & U shapes.Roll Forming is the automated process of shaping. Steel Framing is an engineered product that is offered in a large variety of sizes and gauges. It is an excellent alternative building product to wood, masonry and hot rolled steel construction.

Some of the main properties of cold formed steel are as follows:

  • Lightness in weight
  • High strength and stiffness
  • Ease of prefabrication and mass production
  • Fast and easy erection and installation
  • Substantial elimination of delays due to weather
  • More accurate detailing
  • Non shrinking and non creeping at ambient temperatures
  • Termite-proof and rot proof
  • Uniform quality
  • Economy in transportation and handling
  • Non combustibility
  • Recyclable material
  • Panels and decks can provide enclosed cells for conduits.