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BGW's Roots

Our Roots

The architectural and construction roots of Building God’s Way (BGW) date back to 1972 when founder Daniel Cook established his first construction company and a few years later became a registered architect. However, the real story of BGW began in 1996, when Dan’s life and career became completely transformed after accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. 

Concept Origin

In 1995, Dan Cook took a leave of absence from his architectural practice to devote himself full-time to building Christian Heritage School in Riverdale, Utah. This project proved to be another pivotal point in Dan’s life as he watched God do amazing things through the devotion and faith of a small group of people. During this time, Dan began developing the foundations of the BGW concept through repeated contact with school and churches who sought his advice. Dan's unique approach was revolutionizing the way faith-based facilities were designed and built, and ministries across the country wanted to know more about this process.

BGW Launch

In 1998, Dan made the life-changing decision to give up his secular architectural work and commit the company solely to designing and building Christian churches and schools. BGW began design on its first project soon after that for Lakeland Christian Academy in Winona Lake, Indiana.