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Ron Wenger
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John Fiala
Vice President of Operations
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David Hershey
Director of Business Development | BGW Ministry Rep.
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Mike Eberly
Senior Project Manager
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Brenda Litt
Accounting | Office Manager
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Matt Eberly
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Steve Yoder
Project Manager
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Dustin Miller
Project Superintendent
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Bill Ortego
Project Superintendent
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Cole Jackson
Project Superintendent
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Bob Schwartz
Project Superintendent
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About Us


Founder Ben Weaver began building homes in Wayne and Stark counties in the 1950s, along with running a dairy farm operation. In 1970, Ben sold the farm and dairy operation to pursue his passion for construction and home building, and in 1979 incorporated his home building business.

As client demand grew for commercial, retail, church, and industrial projects, it became clear that a separate company was needed to focus on these commercial and industrial markets. In 1999, WCH General Contractors (WCHGC) was developed as a DBA of the residential company, Weaver Custom Homes, Inc., for this purpose. Ron Wenger, Ben's Son-in-Law, who joined the business in 1983, became the Vice President of this division. As WCHGC continued to grow and expand, our name was changed to Weaver Commercial Contractor, Inc. (WCC) in 2009, becoming a stand-alone "S" corporation with Ron Wenger as President. WCC & WCH restructured in 2020 to begin a new chapter as Employee Owned companies (ESOP).

WCC Today

Recognized for honesty and integrity, WCC has become a highly recommended and sought-after GC with a vast commercial portfolio.

  • Our proven approach focuses on value-driven solutions to keep your project within budget and on schedule.
  • An experienced management team that individually brings 25-40 years of construction experience to your project.
  • BGW exclusive Builder for all ministry projects in Ohio, western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.
  • Fully insured and bondable, WCC has engaged in public projects at a local, state, and federal level.

What We Do

Design & Build

We provide a solid partnership to our clients for their construction projects. From the design phase to finished project, our comprehensive services deliver value-driven solutions catered to the industry demands of our customers. Not only do we aim to keep you informed along the way with great communication, protecting your investment, timelines, and budget are of top importance to our team.

General Contracting

WCC works as a general contractor to execute your construction projects with precision and attention to detail. We handle the supplying of all material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the construction in accordance with the contract agreement. This includes sticking to your budget throughout all phases of construction, meeting the general and special conditions of the project, and completing all plans and specifications.

Site Evaluation | Planning

With thorough site evaluation and planning services, WCC helps our clients reduce risk and prevent unforeseen, costly bumps in the road. From day 1, we are here to help you gain confidence in your plans and point out any potential issues with the site, before you invest in surveys, design engineers, and more. We know that surprises that emerge after closing are not only a headache, they can also destroy profit – which is why we are committed to providing conceptual site plans based in reality. Learn more.

Preconstruction Services

See the full picture and make sure your objectives will be met with our extensive preconstruction services. In addition to working with our clients, WCC ensures the whole team of designers, engineers and in-house experts are in communication and provide valuable input at the onset of a project. Eliminating any silos within the team before finalizing drawings and beginning construction helps maximize constructability, integrate sustainable elements, provide an accurate budget and more. Learn more.

Budget Consultation

We are dedicated to providing a project scope that’s in line with our clients’ budgets. Our budget consultation services allow us to take the time to understand the total costs of your construction project – ensuring that our scope is affordable and can be acted upon.

Construction Manager at Risk

In place of the traditional design-bid-build process, WCC clients have the ability to choose the Construction Manager before wrapping up the design stage. Construction management at-risk offers several benefits, including Increasing the speed of the project, strengthening coordination and collaboration, and enhancing transparency at all stages of the construction project. Learn more.


Church and Ministry 
There is nothing more important than our relationship with God. This connection is the foundation upon which we truly serve our clients. We enter ministriy relationships to work alongside them as they grow and expand their outreach to their communities. Learn more

Retail Offices 
Weaver Commercial Contractor (WCC) works closely with you to establish what you need for today and for the future, looking toward the potential growth of your business. Learn more

Professional Offices 
Weaver Commercial Contractor (WCC) works closely with you to establish what you need for today and for the future, looking toward growth in your business. Learn more

The facilities we build are designed to serve this purpose. To ensure your building's optimal efficiency can be realized, a thorough examination of design ramifications and outcomes is performed. Learn more

Warehousing and Distribution 
The facilities we design & build serve that purpose. To ensure optimal productivity, project objectives and processes are clearly defined and thoroughly communicated. Learn more

Food Processing 
We've specialized in the most highly automated and hygienic food processing systems for over 25 years. Learn more

Weaver Commercial Contractor (WCC) works closely with you to establish your aviation needs both for today, and for the future. Learn more

Weaver Commercial Contractor (WCC) works closely with you to establish what you need for today and for the future, looking toward growth in your profession. Learn more

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