Site Evaluation/Planning

Clint Sprunger - Apr 5 2011 - 11:17am

Reduce risk and have greater confidence in your spreadsheets, pro-formas, and feasibility studies. Recognize most deal breakers from the start - before spending thousands on Surveys, Design Engineers, Phase 1's, Geotech and Environmental Reports. Develop conceptual site plans based in reality, not "rules of thumb" and best guesses. Eliminate profit destroying "surprises" from emerging after closing.

Why WCC?: 

With Weaver Commercial Contractor's Site Evaluation and Planning service you can be assured that you'll receive honest feedback about the location that you desire to build on. Weaver Commercial understands the value of your investment and wants you to feel confident about your build site. Above all Weaver CC desires to provide you with service that allows you to get the most with out of your investment.