• Aviation/Distribution/Warehouse - AFM Hardware
    AFM Hardware
    Orrville, OH
  • Aviation/Restaurants - CAK Airport Passenger  Screening & Restaurants
    Akron Canton Airport
    North Canton, OH
  • Offices/Manufacturing - Bekaert Corporation
    Bekaert Corp
    Orrville, OH
  • Offices - Bosch Rexroth
    Bosch Rexroth
    Wooster, OH
  • Financial - Commercial & Savings Bank
    Orrville, OH
  • Schools - Dalton High School Athletic Facility
    Dalton High School
    Dalton, OH
  • Retail - de Silva Collections & Verizon Wireless
    de Silva / Verizon
    Wooster, OH
  • Medical - Family Eye Care of Wooster
    Family Eye Care
    Wooster, OH
  • FedEx Ground...
    Canton, OH
  • Five Guys & Jimmy...
    Wooster, OH
  • Office - G & S Titanium
    G & S Titanium
    Wooster, OH
  • Gerber Poultry
    Kidron, OH
  • Community Center/Restaurant - Heartland Point
    Heartland Point
    Orrville, OH
  • Hummel Insurance
    Orrville, OH
  • Retail - LiteHouse Pools & Spas
    LiteHouse Pools &...
    Wooster, OH
  • Mattress Firm
    Wooster, OH
  • Financial - Mennonite Financial Federal Credit Union
    Mennonite Credit Union
    Kidron, OH
  • Office/Manufacturing - Neff Perkins Office Addition
    Neff Perkins
    Middlefield, OH
  • Food Processing - Orrville Chick Hatchery
    Orrville Chick Hatchery
    Orrville, OH
  • Fitness - Orrville YMCA - Classrooms, Fitness/Weight Room
    Orrville YMCA Addition
    Orrville, OH
  • Aviation - Preferred Airparts Hangers
    Preferred Airparts
    Apple Creek, OH
  • Dealership - Pro-Car Auto Group
    Pro-Car Auto Group
    Wooster, OH
  • Office/Distribution/Warehouse - Riceland Flow Care
    Riceland Flow Care
    Orrville, OH
  • Oil & Gas/Retail - Smith Dairy CNG Fueling Station
    Smith Dairy CNG
    Orrville, OH
  • Restaurant - The Pines Restaurant & Golf Course
    The Pines Restaurant
    Orrville, OH
  • Office/Shop - Wenger Pipeline Construction
    Wenger Pipeline...
    Dalton, OH
  • Office - Western Reserve Group
    Western Reserve Group
    Wooster, OH
  • Manufacturing - Venture Products
    Venture Products
    Orrville, OH

Churches and Christian Schools

  • WCC
    Exclusive Ohio BGW Builder
  • Camp Luz Pool, Slide...
    Orrville, OH
  • Church - Fairlawn Mennonite Sanctuary, Classrooms, Offices, Commercial Kitchen, Gymnasium
    Fairlawn Mennonite Church
    Apple Creek, OH
  • Church - Living Water Community Church - Cafe, Sanctuary, Office, Classrooms
    Living Water Community...
    Dalton, OH
  • Church - London Christian Fellowship - Sanctuary, Office, Classrooms
    London Christian...
    London, OH
  • Rosedale Bible College...
    Irwin, OH
  • Ministry - Rosedale Mennonite Mission Training Facility
    Rosedale Mennonite...
    Columbus, OH
  • Church - Wooster Church of the Nazarene Sanctuary, Office, Gymnasium, Classes
    Wooster Church of the...
    Wooster, OH
  • Central Christian High School Auditorium, Gym & Classrooms
    Central Christian High...
    Kidron, OH
  • Church - Kidron Mennonite Sanctuary
    Kidron Mennonite
    Kidron, OH
  • Church - Smithville Mennonite
    Smithville Mennonite...
    Smithville, OH
  • Church - Dalton Baptist Sanctuary
    Dalton Baptist Church
    Dalton, OH